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Welcome to the home of healthy hair

Hair Care Solutions Tailored Just for You!
I am here to listen and provide customized solutions! Currently, I'm accepting new clients who are facing hair loss, breakage, or scalp issues. In addition to maintaining your hair, I can also help you with hair coloring and styling.

To start our hair services consultation, first please fill out the hair + scalp check form so I have your basic history. This helps me get a background of what may be going on before I hear your whole story.

Once you have submitted your history form, I will send you the link (via text) to schedule your Hair + Scalp Analysis appointment.

You will receive a text from me confirming your requested service(s) within 48 hours. Appointment day please arrive with your hair in its everyday style. Once here, we will meet in a semi private area of the salon.

Hair + Scalp Check

A Hair + Scalp Check is a 1 hour microscopic hair loss + scalp evaluation and takes place in a semi private area of the salon. I will go over several factors that may be causing  your difficulties.



Scalp Hygiene




Mineral Deficiencies

Hormones & Thyroid

Stress & Styling

We will then talk about different solutions for you.

*This evaluation is not covered by insurance.

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